I’m just a library paraprofessional who loves to read and talk about it! Books may be great on their own, but Ilove wine and tea, so expect some pairings with books on occasion. Not only am I a reader, but I love a good movie and video game, so also expect some movie and video game reviews!

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always loved libraries. They’re one of the best places to be, whether you’re working or just visiting. Reading was always a big part of who I have been as a person and to be able to share that with others is something that I not only love but am passionate about. I read anything and everything that captures my attention, from teen novels to bodice ripping romances to studies on quantum physics. Graphic novels and audiobooks are probably my favourite formats to read, but I’m slowly (very slowly) learning to love ebooks.

My current top 5 books:

1: Ingo by Helen Dunmore. This one will always be one of my favourite books because of how well the world is rendered and how easy it is to feel like you’re swimming with the Mer.

2: Seven Pillars of Wisdom by T.E. Lawrence. Lawrence of Arabia has been one of my favourite stories since I was a kid and I recently re-read the book. I hadn’t read it in a long time, but it was good to get back to it; normally I’m not much of a fan of war stories (fiction or nonfiction) but I love the way Lawrence tells his own story and what part he played in the events that took place.

3: Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling. Another long-time favourite. I’m re-reading because this series has always been a great pick-me-up. Prisoner of Azkaban will always be the best and no one can convince me otherwise.

4: The Night Circus by Ellen Morgenstern. I’m currently listening to the audiobook of this one; I read the book when it first came out and loved it then but I love it even more with the amazing Jim Dale narrating (and doing all the voices)!

5: Spooky Action at a Distance by George Musser. Quantum physics will always be mystifying to me. Thinking about all of the mechanics that drive our enormous universe and everything within it is just mind-blowing. Spooky action at a distance, Einstein’s theory of entanglement, is probably the most interesting theory to think about for me and this book put it into perspective so well.

My current top 5 movies:

1: Only Lovers Left Alive. This movie. So relaxing to watch. I have the soundtrack on repeat when I’m anxious or I put this movie on in the background and it’s exactly what I need. I’m always in the mood to watch this.

2: Any and all of the Alien films. MURDER ALIENS. Honestly, I’m with David. Aliens are better than humans.

3: Lawrence of Arabia. Another relaxing film. I love the cinematography and the cast is absolutely brilliant. 4 hours of sand, mental breakdowns, and gay. What more could you possibly want? Maybe don’t watch it if you’re Anakin Skywalker though.

4: Crimson Peak. I love a good gothic and let me tell you, this is exactly what I want in any gothic. Everything you could possibly want from a gothic story is there: the ghosts, the creepy as hell basement, tragic backstory, doomed romance… I could go on forever about this. Also Guillermo del Toro directed it. So it’s obviously amazing.

5: Baby Driver. Oh my god this movie. I saw it twice in theaters – the cinematography and choreography are just brilliant and the writing was snappy and sarcastic, just the way I like it. I’m not usually a huge romantic movie fan, but I like that the romance was more subtle and took the backseat, except when it wasn’t.

My current top 5 games:

1: Prey (played on PS4). Scary f*****g aliens. Space. Fuuuuuture. Also sort of a butterfly effect type ending. Your choices have an effect on what quests you unlock and how the game ends. I’ve played it through twice already since starting it in July because I’m an obsessive completionist and therefore must complete all of the quests at least once. And yes, I did buy the art book and strategy book (also a Transtar mug, which is definitely not a mimic. Or is it?)

2: Rise of the Tomb Raider (played on PS4). I’ve always been a longtime follower of the Tomb Raider games (and movies, admittedly). I played the first one when I was old enough to hold a game controller, which happened around when the third game came out. I played the first three and haven’t missed a release yet. The newest addition to the series was pretty good and definitely lived up to the last game’s expectations.

3: Alien: Isolation (played on PS4). The Alien franchise is one that I was born into. Aliens are my jam, especially the murderous kind and Isolation was bloody brilliant. Literally.

4: Journey (played on PS4). This game is so relaxing when I get overwhelmed with life.

5: Lego Marvel Heroes (played on PS4). Who doesn’t like Lego games? You’re a liar. (Okay maybe not but they’re hilarious.)


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