The Love Letter by Jack Finney


Goodreads Rating: 4.2 stars — My Rating: 4.5 stars

“The night is a strange time when you’re alone in it, the rest of your world asleep.”

When you purchase antique furniture, the last thing you’d expect is some kind of connection – a wormhole, so to speak – connecting the furniture to another time and place. But this desk is unusual. Secret drawers are one thing, finding an old letter in one of them is another, but writing back and receiving a response is clearly very out of the ordinary.

This is actually one of my very favourite short stories and it was shared with me by a friend as a writing prompt, oddly enough. This is a very charming short story that you really wouldn’t think you’d get so invested in, but upon reading it, you can’t help but feel the bittersweet elation at the discovery that a love letter has been written and presumably hidden away in this desk for years. Who wouldn’t write back to this person out of time – presumably the one that the desk belonged to originally? I’ll be honest – I definitely maybe cried reading the end of this and then searched around on Amazon and Ebay to find a hard copy of this.

Read it here:

Recommended for: Anyone who likes a bittersweet, romantic, and/or quick read (as in twenty minutes or less, if you’re a quick reader), bittersweet love, unusual writing desks (that may or may not be like a raven), hints of time travel. Think The Time Traveler’s Wife but short and in letter form.


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