American Vampire Volume 1

american vampire volume 1.jpg

Goodreads Rating: 3.98

My Rating: 4.5

Wild west, feuding vampires, Scott Snyder, what more is there to say? Skinner Sweet is your ordinary Wild West criminal – that is, until he gets turned into a vampire. The first American vampire.

The art is interesting and the style was fun and loose; it matched very well with the mood/time period of the story. These writers and artists are absolutely brilliant for coming up with this start to what’s looking to be a very intriguing new take on a classic supernatural monster – conspiracies and all. Scott Snyder’s vampires are not romanticized, in fact they’re almost completely heartless. Blood, power, and money are the only things they seem to care about, humans just come along with the territory. The characters are individuals (rather than being cardboard cutouts, so to speak), the plot leaves a lot of questions that I can only hope will be answered by future issues of this ongoing series, and it will definitely leave you needing the next volume (there are 8 collected and one new anthology comic issue thus far, so you’ve got a lot of reading to do if you haven’t started this fantastic series)!

Recommended for: vampire fans, horror fans, anyone who wants something new


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