The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys

fab killjoys

Goodreads rating: 4.00

My rating: 4.0

The Killjoys fought hard against the Better Living Industries company for years and now it’s time for their followers to take them on, come hell or high water.

I enjoyed reading this graphic novel quite a bit; the art is expressive and simple, there’s a pretty decent plot (it leaves a little to be desired in the plot development department unfortunately), and the characters are fun and interesting. The only thing I didn’t like is that the last few issues were very rushed and a bit detached from the plot. I think that they tried to cram too much in too few comic issues after the first half is over; they probably didn’t plan it out as well as it could’ve been planned, so things had to get compressed when the initial worldbuilding and first part of the story took up half the amount of issues they had left. It’s unfortunate, because I could see this working really well as at least having 10-12 issues and 2 separate volumes. That would’ve probably been perfect to not rush the majority of the main conflict parts. But overall, I can’t complain, though it is best enjoyed with Danger Days by My Chemical Romance in the background, because the companion album is absolutely fantastic to listen to with the added context of the comics. They go hand in hand, so the next time you’re at the record store or in the mood to download some music, pick it up and give this a read with it [or if you’re broke YouTube is a wonderful thing as well 😉 ]. My only wish for these comics is for more [of everything]!


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