Succubus Blues Review

succubus blues

Goodreads rating: 3.95

My rating: 4.0

Being a succubus isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. For Georgina Kincaid, it was a choice, but nowadays, it’s not all that exciting (shape shifting into a demoness sex goddess for some guy’s pleasure just to get his soul isn’t exactly what she wants to be doing), but her day job at the bookstore, where she gets to see the drop dead gorgeous author, Seth Mortensen, isn’t so bad. But something is happening in the demon underground of Seattle, something that Georgina might not be able to handle (or protect Seth from).

This wasn’t my first book by Richelle Mead and it most certainly won’t be my last – back in middle school and high school I read the Vampire Academy series and really enjoyed them, but I hadn’t heard of this series until later on. I’m definitely glad that I started this one. Despite the relatively slow pace at times, I found myself really invested in Georgina and her story and that kept me reading. There wasn’t too much in terms of romance at this point yet, but it’s definitely going to be more of the slow build kinds of things I have a feeling; it makes a lot of sense for Georgina’s predicament. The conflict also makes a lot of sense for an introductory conflict for the series, so I definitely look forward to reading the next books. It’s a good setup for a promising series.


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