Delirium Stories + Alex Review

delirium stories

Goodreads rating: 3.97

My rating: 4.0

These were interesting little short stories; they’re definitely not necessary for the plot of the books, but it gives a bit of insight and extra information on the characters, so if you like or want to know more about Hana, Annabel, and/or Raven, definitely give this a read. It’s a bit of extra side plot for each of the characters that you wouldn’t know otherwise in the books. The stories are a little rushed, but that’s to be expected with both the plot of each and the characters they revolve around. Raven’s was definitely my favourite for the way it was written in the way it relates the past and present and jumps between them.


Goodreads rating: 3.87

My rating: 4.0

I liked this short story. I actually read it in my copy of Requiem, which happened to be one of the editions printed with Alex included in the back. It was an intriguing little short story that was a quick read and offered some insight into how Alex thinks. Though Lauren Oliver isn’t the best at writing from a male perspective, she certainly isn’t the worst female author writing a male character that I’ve read. Like the Delirium Stories – Hana, Anabel, and Raven – this story isn’t necessary for the plot to make sense, but offers a little bit extra, kind of like the deleted scene of a film. It’s worth reading if you like Alex and I finished it in 20 minutes, so it’s definitely not a huge time commitment.


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