Succubus Blues Review

succubus blues

Goodreads rating: 3.95

My rating: 4.0

Being a succubus isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. For Georgina Kincaid, it was a choice, but nowadays, it’s not all that exciting (shape shifting into a demoness sex goddess for some guy’s pleasure just to get his soul isn’t exactly what she wants to be doing), but her day job at the bookstore, where she gets to see the drop dead gorgeous author, Seth Mortensen, isn’t so bad. But something is happening in the demon underground of Seattle, something that Georgina might not be able to handle (or protect Seth from).

This wasn’t my first book by Richelle Mead and it most certainly won’t be my last – back in middle school and high school I read the Vampire Academy series and really enjoyed them, but I hadn’t heard of this series until later on. I’m definitely glad that I started this one. Despite the relatively slow pace at times, I found myself really invested in Georgina and her story and that kept me reading. There wasn’t too much in terms of romance at this point yet, but it’s definitely going to be more of the slow build kinds of things I have a feeling; it makes a lot of sense for Georgina’s predicament. The conflict also makes a lot of sense for an introductory conflict for the series, so I definitely look forward to reading the next books. It’s a good setup for a promising series.

Requiem Review


Goodreads rating: 3.75

My rating: 2.5

[Contains some mild spoilers – I marked when the bigger spoilers start at the very bottom.]

Unfortunately this book just wasn’t the ending I was looking for. So much could’ve been done with Alex, Julian, and Lena, but it all just fell flat about halfway through. The first half of the book was pretty good, the writing was amazing, as usual with Lauren Oliver, but the last half of the book was just so confusing. It was a mess of switching perspectives to avoid having to write actual conflict.

But Hana, congrats to you for becoming a badass. Her story was much more fleshed out than Lena’s and the story was about Lena. I would’ve been fine with it if it were the other way around where Lena is the one who has the more fleshed out and detailed story and Hana was the one who had a bit less of a story and more of a complimentary part, but of course it was the other way around. Lena’s story felt like the complimentary one and Hana’s felt like the main perspective; whether or not that was intentional, I can’t be certain, but it was interesting to read a bit more about Hana, if anything.

And I don’t think I’ll ever get over how weird the last few sections were [spoilers removed]. It’s good to read the book so you figure out what happens after Pandemonium, but be warned, Lena regresses completely as a character after all that lovely development in Pandemonium. Everything becomes about Alex again and she can’t move on. She goes back to being the person she was back in Delirium, being infatuated with Alex, but this time, she’s stringing poor Julian along for the ride.

As far as the rest of the book, Lauren Oliver continued with her lush writing style despite how rushed it felt and how awkward the perspective changes made it feel. Once Lena’s mother got more involved, I felt like the plot of the story and the writing just went downhill. The actual fight between the the Resistance and those within the walls was very sparsely written and the last half of the story was incredibly rushed. Though I’m really happy with the way that Lauren Oliver writes and describes the setting, that just wasn’t enough to carry the story this time unfortunately. The end made sense for all that’s happened but the way getting there in this book was a letdown compared to the the rest of the series.

[Spoilers below]

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Delirium Stories + Alex Review

delirium stories

Goodreads rating: 3.97

My rating: 4.0

These were interesting little short stories; they’re definitely not necessary for the plot of the books, but it gives a bit of insight and extra information on the characters, so if you like or want to know more about Hana, Annabel, and/or Raven, definitely give this a read. It’s a bit of extra side plot for each of the characters that you wouldn’t know otherwise in the books. The stories are a little rushed, but that’s to be expected with both the plot of each and the characters they revolve around. Raven’s was definitely my favourite for the way it was written in the way it relates the past and present and jumps between them.


Goodreads rating: 3.87

My rating: 4.0

I liked this short story. I actually read it in my copy of Requiem, which happened to be one of the editions printed with Alex included in the back. It was an intriguing little short story that was a quick read and offered some insight into how Alex thinks. Though Lauren Oliver isn’t the best at writing from a male perspective, she certainly isn’t the worst female author writing a male character that I’ve read. Like the Delirium Stories – Hana, Anabel, and Raven – this story isn’t necessary for the plot to make sense, but offers a little bit extra, kind of like the deleted scene of a film. It’s worth reading if you like Alex and I finished it in 20 minutes, so it’s definitely not a huge time commitment.

Pandemonium Review


Goodreads rating: 4.08

My rating: 4.5 stars

Making it in the Wilds is much harder than Lena anticipates. Everything is a fight to survive, whether it’s finding food or getting over a little cold or flu. Everything in the Wilds is also about community. You need people to survive and to keep a group together takes an immense amount of management and organisation. Can Lena learn to move on from where she left off in the end of Delirium and what is really going on within the walls of the cured cities?

I loved reading this sequel. It was an excellent continuation from Delirium, held true to the characters, and continued building and developing upon them. I don’t tend to like books that switch time perspectives (ie: present time one chapter, past the next), but surprisingly enough, it really worked for this one. I was surprised to have enjoyed Pandemonium as much as I did and the ending took me by surprise, though I had a feeling it was coming.

The pacing was a little rushed in some places, but despite that, it was consistent and maintained tension very well even with dips in the action. This was an engaging read that I finished in a couple weeks; definitely continue on to read this book if you enjoyed Delirium because it builds off of what has already happened beautifully and draws it to an unexpected climax. Despite the ever-present cliche of love triangles in young adult literature, this one isn’t done so poorly that it’s unnecessary. Pandemonium is a worthwhile, engaging read that will keep you at the edge of your seat and leave you wanting more.